Restore Your Sparkle

with Jaime Jo Freeman


So happy you are here. My name is Jaime Jo, the creator of Restore Your Sparkle and as a Journaling Mentor I can help you create a journaling practice that fits into your season in life.

My mission is to encourage self-discovery through the power of journaling. I am passionate about helping overwhelmed mom's reconnect to who they are and what they love beyond their roles in life.

As Moms we commit our time to others way easier than dedicating time for ourselves. Connecting to what we need to fill our own cup is so important. Taking a few minutes each day or blocking a chunk of time each week, will give us some space to listen to our own voice, and hear our own thoughts. We use journaling as a tool to discover what it is we need to do for ourselves. Journaling allows us to be completely who we are with out holding back.

What do you love to do for YOURSELF?

What do YOU enjoy?

Those little or big things you do for yourself and no one else, are your Sparkles. The Sparkles that make you shine. We all have a unique light inside. Tapping into these Sparkles through journaling will give you the time you need to reconnect to yourself and refill your cup.

If you cannot do what you love because of time restraints, lack of money or the proper location then you can open your journal and write about what you love. Explore different aspects of your passions and dreams. Give yourself permission to write about anything that fascinates you.