Work with me

Power Prompt Call

A 30 minute chat via Zoom to connect and chat about journaling.

I will listen as you share your journaling history and why you would like to journal. We will also uncover what may be holding you back from journaling. Then together we will see if there is a way for me to help you create a journaling practice that fits into your stage of life. You will walk away with a really POWERFUL journaling prompt to get you excited to open your journal.

Journal Strategy Session

A 60 minute session via Zoom to dive into your personal journaling style.

We will work on removing mindset blocks that stop you from writing in your journal and create personalized journaling guidelines that feel right to you for your season in life.

Let's create a journaling practice that is right for YOU.

Encouragement Package

A package of 4 weekly 15min Encouragement Check-in Calls.

We will continue to tweak the guidelines we created in the Journaling Strategy Session. I will answer question and give you support as you implement your journaling practice. Consider this as my way to give you extra encouragement and provide suggestions to help keep you going.

You deserve to make the time to connect to yourself And develop your journaling practice.

You can do this!